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Making metal disturbing again…

Emerging from Pennsylvania in 2018, nu-core gang Tallah combine the percussive force of second-generation drummer Max Portnoy with the pure, war-torn fury of vocalist and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz and the white-lightning speed of guitarist Derrick Schneider.

Formed with a singular and unifying mission of revamping the much-loved sound of popular nu-metal sensations of the early 2000s, Tallah draw influence from the likes of Slipknot, Korn and Linkin Park while simultaneously fusing it with a modernised, hardcore edge as displayed by current sensations Code Orange, Vein, Candy and Fire From The Gods.

Following the release of their EP ‘No One Should Read This’, Max Portnoy received the Modern Drummer Award for “Best Up and Coming Drummer 2019”, with the band performing at Boomtown Festival in the same year. Upon signing to Earache Records, Tallah recorded their debut album ‘Matriphagy’ with producer Josh Schroeder.

Released on October 2nd 2020, ‘Matriphagy’ expanded upon the concept outlined in ‘No One Should Read This’, armed with a disturbingly graphic tale that is to be taken as a series of both literal and metaphorical events.

‘Matriphagy’ was met with critical acclaim, with Slipknot’s Knotfest crowning it “one of the best metal releases of the year”. ‘Matriphagy’ claimed 8/10 and 9/10 album reviews in Metal Hammer and Rock Tribune. Matriphagy was also devoured by the fans, with the album racking up 9 million Spotify streams to date.

To celebrate the release of ‘Matriphagy’, Tallah performed the album in full live from Willow Glen State Penitentiary, also known as ‘Prison of the Dead’. The performance solidified Tallah’s reputations as one of the most exciting new bands in metal and was broadcast by the renowned hate5six, famed for his work in the hardcore scene helping break bands like Code Orange. The live show premiered on Knotfest.com and was also the first introduction to the fans to the two new band members Alex Snowden (guitar) and Mewzen (DJ).

Tallah were finally able to bring ‘Matriphagy’ into the ‘real world’ live realm in Summer 2021, joining Avatar for their North American tour in Sept/Oct 2021 and hitting up spots at major USA festivals such as Blue Ridge Rock Fest and Welcome To Rockville. They finished 2021 in excellent company, playing a one-off show with Vended (a band featuring the offspring of one of their biggest influences, Slipknot).

Tallah have no less crashed onto the metal scene as they have catapulted their very own metal sect into the spotlight, with rock and metal’s most beloved publications eyeing them up as leaders of the genre. Metal Hammer declared that Tallah are “leading the charge on the new wave of nu-metal”, whilst Alt Press named them as an “artist who defined the sound of nu-metal”. Kerrang! described Tallah as the “gritty modern face of nu-metal” and Loudwire have defined them as “one of nu-metal’s most forward-thinking bands”. 2021 also saw the band nominated for Best International Breakthrough Band at the UK’s Heavy Music Awards and Best Live [Streamed] Act at the AIM Independent Music Awards.

Having indulged fans eagerly awaiting their sophomore offering with the colossal collaboration “Vanilla Paste” in 2021, which saw Tallah joined by members of the formidable Chelsea Grin, Fire From The Gods and Guerrilla Warfare, Tallah’s cruelly ferocious new album ‘The Generation Of Danger’, due for release on 9th September 2022 via Earache Records and recorded once more with producer Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studio, will only serve to extend their fascinatingly dark nu-core metal further into the metal community, continuing to build the beast Tallah have created and set loose.

Max says of the new album: “’The Generation Of Danger’ is a new era for Tallah’s music. We’ve gotten overall heavier with this album, while tapping into elements that we’ve never experimented with before. There’s a lot of new sounds and songwriting here to showcase what else we can do without sacrificing the heaviness or core sound that we established with ‘Matriphagy’.”

Justin continues: “’The Generation Of Danger’ is a completely new and fresh concept for us, both lyrically and instrumentally. We wanted to take what made ‘Matriphagy’ so good and jack it up to 150%. The tracks are monstrous, daunting, and the story the music tells dives into the idea of people hiding what they truly desire until someone else comes along and forces it to surface.”

As with ‘Matriphagy’, ‘The Generation Of Danger’ offers fans more than just an album of pioneering nu-core metal. Whilst it will most certainly be lauded for Justin’s acclaimed aptitude for embodying numerous characters and emotions in his outstanding vocal shape-shifting, celebrated for its breathtakingly turbulent dynamics and exemplified for the way it melds the ever-blossoming ingenuity of Tallah’s intrepid musicians, ‘The Generation Of Danger’ will reward those who delve deeper into the album and its supplementary content.

Justin goes on to reveal a taster of the conceptual intricacies behind the album: “’The Generation Of Danger’ is a concept album about a genius scientist who gets fed up with being swept under the rug. After the multi-billion-dollar corporation that employs him takes credit for his latest, award-winning invention, he snaps and retaliates against them by forcing them to take part in the greatest experiment the world of science has ever seen.”

With ‘The Generation Of Danger’, Tallah have opened up the doors to a highly detailed dystopian world for fans to explore and piece together. The first single and video taken from the album, “Telescope”, serves as the stepping-off point into this world – fans are highly encouraged to pay attention to every detail.

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