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RIVALS exists in two worlds. They draw a wobbly line between blossoming pop-rock and wilting post-hardcore, often alternating between sides for earth-shattering effects. By wearing their inspirations proudly (and enlisting the help of contemporaries), Rivals clamor for the attention of both radio listeners and bedroom moshers. Their explosive live act has garnered the attention of audiences nationwide, “Rivals always brings high energy and an amazing performance. One of the best young bands touring today”. “Incredible show from Rivals…each song packed a punch as the band played with endless passion and enthusiasm…you don’t want to miss this band”.

From the ashes of tortuous mental anguish, RIVALS always rise to the challenge of confronting demons head-on—while fashioning their moods into something irresistible. The band’s infectious yet raw sound is fueled by powerful and energetic songwriting, bringing forth a type of fearlessness in their music that stands out among the rest.

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