The Access Centers are staffed continuously, and professionally trained staff can answer all questions, provide ADA Accessibility wristbands, and assist with all the services mentioned below:

  • Seated ADA viewing platforms (wristband system)
  • ADA Accessible restrooms
  • Private ADA personal hygiene area
  • Mobility-device charging and storage
  • Chilled medication storage (ice chest only)
  • Hydration station
  • Family services (changing/feeding)
  • Event Information (also in Braile and large print as requested)
  • American Sign Language Interpreters (select sets based on requests)
  • A place to sit and relax and escape the elements as needed

Also available at our Information Center (shared tent with Access Center):

  • Lost & Found
  • Meeting place for children separated from parents
  • Ear protection, sunscreen, masks, etc.

All tickets to the Festival are general admission or VIP, purchasing an accessible ticket is not necessary. The Accessible Viewing Areas are located in GA sections.

Upon arrival, please visit the Access Center for information on the accessibility wristband program. Patrons with mobility impairments or Deaf/Hard of Hearing patrons can request an accessibility wristband at the Access Center. This wristband is to show Festival staff that the patron plus one companion is eligible to enter the accessible viewing areas or the Deaf and Hard of Hearing areas. The accessibility wristband is non-transferrable.

Note: The wristband does NOT guarantee a spot in these areas. Please note that the viewing areas have a limited capacity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot save or reserve seats or areas on the platform. Once it’s determined that an accessible viewing area is filled to capacity (including adequate aisle space for entering and exiting the area), the area will not be available for additional entry.

Signage will be placed at the Festival identifying all viewing areas for patrons with mobility limitations and patrons who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Please visit the Access Center for a map of the festival grounds.

The Festival is wheelchair accessible but is a large venue with great distances between activities and attractions. It is outdoors and across city streets and pathways. Some travel is over natural terrain and terrain designed for motor vehicles. If it should rain, there could be mud.

The Festival does not provide personal care, golf cart rides, or push services of any kind or wheelchairs for rent or loan. Wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed only for use by patrons with mobility disabilities. For safety reasons, requests to use other power-driven mobility devices will be reviews on a case-by-case basis.

Powered wheelchairs may also be charged at the Access Center. Patrons should bring all cords and accessories needed to charge their devices. Chargers must use a 110-volt, 20-amp circuit.
Accessible portable toilets are available at the ends of each bank of portable toilets throughout the festival venue.

Pets are not allowed within the Festival grounds. However, miniature horses and dogs, which have been trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability, are welcome. If accompanied by a service animal, you will be provided a Patron Notice of Responsibility for a Service Animal. Please enter through the accessible lane at either entrance.

Outside food and drink are not allowed inside the Festival, but if a patron has special medical dietary restrictions, enough food for the one person for the day will be allowed. Patrons are allowed to bring their medically necessary materials and medications into the Festival, provided that all medicine has a prescription label with the patron’s name.

Our personnel at the entry gates will verify the contents of any medically necessary materials. Out of concern for the festival staff who handle the trash, please dispose of your medical waste and syringes in the proper disposal, which is located at the Medical Tent. Please do not dispose of these items in other trash bins at the Festival.

For any questions, please email